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Avoid Prostate Cancer With Coffee And Exercise

Posted by drg. Ardyan Gilang Rahmadhan SKG. On 1:26 AM

Two studies indicate that few more cups of coffee and exercising like running that extra mile each day can reduce a man's risk of dying of prostate cancer. Data from the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study show a clear association with both daily activities.

"I wouldn't recommend that people change their coffee-drinking habits based on this study," said Kathryn M. Wilson, a research fellow in epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, and lead author of one report. "But if you like coffee, there is no compelling reason to cut back at this point."

In her study, there were stronger relationship between consumption of six or more cups of coffee a day and reduced risk of aggressive form (down about 41 percent). While there just only a weak relationship with a reduced risk of all forms of prostate cancer, just 19 percent.

Wilson also added that there was a clear relationship between the amount of coffee consumed and prostate cancer risk, the more coffee you drank, the more effect we saw.

She also said that the same reduction was seen for consumption of decaffeinated coffee, so the caffeine in coffee doesn't seem to be the link and it has something to do with insulin and glucose metabolism. "A number of studies have found that coffee is associated with a reduced risk of diabetes," said her.

"At this point, we would just like to confirm whether it exists in different populations," she said. "We hope that this study drives more research so that we really know what is going on."

The other study, a research associate at the Harvard School of Public Health by Stacey A. Kenfield, looked at the levels of physical activity among 2,686 men in the study who were diagnosed with prostate cancer. This study found, as many other studies have, that exercise is good for overall health, with a 35 percent lower death rate for men who reported three or more hours a week of vigorous physical activity, such as jogging, biking, swimming or playing tennis.

oldman exerciseAnd the prostate cancer death rate for men who exercised vigorously was 12 percent lower than for those who didn't, but this small number seem did not quite reach the level of statistical significance, Kenfield explained.

Nevertheless, "this is the first study to show an effect of physical activity not only on overall survival, but on prostate cancer survival," she said.

Source: Coffee, Exercise Fight Prostate Cancer

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