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Regrowing Bone With Dental Stem Cells

Posted by drg. Ardyan Gilang Rahmadhan SKG. On 5:14 AM

dental stem cell pulp
Dental stem cell research has moved from the laboratory to human clinical trials. In this first clinical study, human mandible bone were reconstructed with autologous dental pulp stem cells. This research was published in the November issue of the European Cells and Materials Journal.

The repair and regeneration of bone is particularly significant for the oral maxillofacial area. By repairing these bones, it will aid in orofacial functions like speech, chewing, swallowing and facial expressions. But this repairing process are extremely intricate and complex.

Dr. David Matzilevich, M.D., Ph.D., Science Advisor to StemSave (the market leader in the field of stem cell recovery and cryo-preservation), said "These clinical studies are so significant because autologous dental stem cells were expanded in vitro and for the purpose of oro-maxillofacial bone repair. These cells also facilitated the graft, eliminating immunologic complications such as rejection or excessive inflammation."

"This is compelling because it creates an environment which proves to be more favorable and successful for new mandibular bone to grow. This approach also appears superior to current methodologies utilizing cadaverous tissue or grafting tissue from another part of the body. I am very excited that dental stem cells have emerged as critical players in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine now that they have been proven to differentiate into multiple lineages," said him.

Art Greco, CEO of StemSave, Inc., said that from this clinical study we could use patient's own stem cells harvested from their teeth not just only for repairing bone, but also for more number of applications to treat a broad array of disease, trauma and injury. And because dental stem cells are easy to recover as part of routine dental procedures, this represents the first of many upcoming uses in the field of personal and regenerative medicine and supports the wisdom of banking our own stem cells from our teeth.

Source: First Ever Clinical Study Shows Dental Stem Cells Regrow Bone

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Selamat malam, apakah sya boleh tau info lebih lanjut tentang steam cell ini? sya mahasiswa unv.Brawijaya semester 1, jujur saya sangat tertarik tolong di bantu. Trimakasih ini alamat e-mail sya dok


  2. Anonymous Said, dok salah tulisa yang diatas


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