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Hillary Swank: Even She Do Workout While She Relax

Posted by drg. Ardyan Gilang Rahmadhan SKG. On 9:23 PM

For star Hillary Swank, workout is so essential to her daily life. Yes, we can see it from your adorable shape, Hillary. Even, she do workout as her relaxation technic. What a full energy person.

Hillary told to Marie Claire magazine that she need exercise just like eating, drinking, or breathing.

“…I love working out! I started swimming when I was 3 years old. I was a gymnast, a swimmer, a basketball player…To me, working out is literally like eating a meal or drinking water or breathing. If I don’t, I just feel like crap. Not physically, like, Ew, what’s hanging over my pants? But I just feel really ornery. I start punching actors. Not hard—I don’t get mean. I do Krav Maga, which is Israeli martial arts; I do pilates."

And what about her relaxation "workout" time? Hillary also put a fitness element while she try to relax.

“My relaxation has always been my animals—going to the dog park with them, going to the beach. I always try to carve out time in my day to be with them. On the last set I was on, I would just get a bike and ride around the studio with my dogs chasing me. It just gets me out of my head, you know what I mean?”

This is a good example from a celebrity. Many of them try to get beutiful body in an instant way such as surgery, drugs, and many unnatural way. But, Hillary not part of them and try to get it in a healthy way. Good job girl!

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