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Protaper Instrument Manual

Posted by drg. Ardyan Gilang Rahmadhan SKG. On 8:37 AM

protaper instrument
Protaper instrument was made to provide flexibility and efficiency to achieve consistently successful cleaning and shaping results. With Protaper instrument, root canal preparation are relatively easier and faster. Follow this guideline to use Protaper instrument.

  • Establish straight line access
  • Carefully flare the orifice(s) with gates glidden drills
  • Use instruments in a well irrigated and lubricated canal
  • Create a smooth glide path with small hand files
  • Clean flutes frequently and inspect for signs of distortion
  • Use SX to create more shape, as desired, in the coronal two-thirds Use instruments with recommended motion.

Manual ProTaper Handle Motion:
  • Lightly engage dentin by gently rotating the handle clockwise until the file is just snug
  • Disengage the file by rotating the handle counterclockwise 45-90 degrees
  • Cut dentin by rotating the handle clockwise while simultaneously withdrawing the file
  • Repeat handle motions until desired length is achieved
  • Depending on the anatomy, Potaper files can be used as described above or by reciprocating the handle in a back and forth motion.

The ProTaper Technique:

  1. Fill the pulp chamber with either Protaper Glyde or Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) for all initial negotiation procedures. Explore the coronal two-thirds of the canal with stainless steel No. 10 and 15 hand files, using a reciprocating back and forth motion. Work these instruments passively and progressively until they are loose.
  2. Start the Protaper sequence with S1 (purple). The apical extent of S1 will passively follow the portion of the canal secured with hand files. S1 is designed to cut dentin, in a crown down manner, with its bigger, stronger and more active blades. Irrigate, recapitulate with the 10K File to break up debris and then re-irrigate.
  3. In more difficult canals, one, two or three recapitulations with S1 may be necessary to pre-enlarge the coronal two-thirds of the canal. Frequently clean the blades, then continue using this file until it reaches the depth of the 15 hand file. Irrigate, recapitulate and then re-irrigate.
  4. Once the pre-enlargement procedure is finished, use a precurved No. 10K File in the presence of NaOCl or Glyde to negotiate the rest of the canal and to establish patency. Determine working length with No. 15K File.
  5. When a smooth glide path to the terminus is verified, sequentially carry first S1 then S2 to the full working length. Remember to irrigate, recapitulate and re-irrigate after each Protaper instrument.
  6. With the canal flooded with irrigant, work the F1 to length in one or more passes. If the F1 ceases to advance deeper into the canal, remove the file, clear its blades, then continue with its use until it reaches length. Irrigate, recapitulate and re-irrigate.
  7. Following the use of F1 to length, gauge the foramen with a 20 hand file. If the 20 hand file is snug at length, the canal is shaped and ready to fill. If the 20 hand file is loose at length, proceed to the F2 and, when necessary, the F3, gauging after each Finisher with the 25 and 30 hand files, respectively.

Source: Dentsply

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4 Response to "Protaper Instrument Manual"

  1. dayu-mommy marsya Said,

    gilseee...duh lu rajin bgt sih sayur... tengkyu yg pikun ini jd ter refresh lg memory mengenai protaper,,, hihihihi tengkyu darlinggg...


  2. HealthyLife Said,

    eh ada mamanya marsya...makasi juga mama marsya!!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    How many times can a manual protaper be used? In how many canals?


  4. dreams Said,

    approximately 10 canals.
    please correct if i'm wrong :)


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