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Jennifer Lopez Fall On Stage: It's Still Hurt

Posted by drg. Ardyan Gilang Rahmadhan SKG. On 10:31 PM

jennifer lopez
Something embarrassing happened to Jennifer Lopez when she did a performance on American Music Award few days ago. She got a little slip on stage and she admit that it still hurt.

Lopez told Ellen DeGeneres on her show which aired on last Thursday that she had a bruised bone. "What happened was one of the dancers' backs was slippery from sweat and lights and everything. We never bargained for that because they always had T-shirts on in rehearsal."

"So they were barebacked, didn't have shirts on for the performance, and when I stepped on their backs my feet got wet. So when I landed. it just slipped from under me."

But the singer admit her quick recovery to the excitement of the moment. "That's kind what I felt the rest of the performance: Did I fall? It happened so fast," she says. "I was up and all I could think was, I have to get the next beat. I have to do this dance solo right now. I had no time to think about it."

Only afterward did she realize what had happened.

"Then I get to the back, and one the dancers was like, 'Are you OK?' Oh my god that's right, I fell," she says. "It was awful, but, you know, it happened."

Here is her video on American Music Awards:

Source: Jennifer Lopez Still Sore from Fall at Award Show

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