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Healthy Meal To Gain Your Weight

Posted by drg. Ardyan Gilang Rahmadhan SKG. On 1:18 AM

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Being underweight, doesn't mean you save to eat all of those food in the world. Food like junk food, soda, and such kind of things are also bad for you if eat them excessively. Junk foods don’t offer much nutrition, and they are loaded with sugar and unhealthy saturated fats. To eat healthy diet and gain your body weight is just as much of a challenge for you, as it is overweight person to lose pounds.

The good thing to be underweight person is you can choose a few things that overweight person may be avoid them. But generally, eating healthy to gain weight involves eating the same variety of foods as your overweight friends.

There are many healthy food that could provide you with needed healthy fat and calories if you eat it routinely throughout the week, such as fish, nuts, and even seed. Black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, dried peas, and soy beans are all good healthy protein and calories source. Meanwhile, red meat has a high saturated fat content and you must limit it by one or two times a week.

You could also get extra protein and calories by adding powdered milk to your soups, sauces, and smoothies. Olive oil is also good choice because this monounsaturated fat will add calories to your diet, and help keep your cardiovascular system in a good way. When choosing salad dressings and mayonnaise, choose those made with canola or safflower oil.

Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains contain carbohydrates that could infuse energy and nutrients into your daily diet. The USDA recommends that our daily diet should include lots of grains and cereals. Those are at least three servings a day of whole gain breads, cereals, or and pastas. Calories, fiber, nutrients, and some protein are provided by this type of food.

Naturally, dark green vegetables contain less calories than starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn. But, you put some extra calories by adding a little olive oil for flavoring, or toppings like slivered almonds, or grated cheese to this kind of food.

Fruits are plenty of vitamins as well as phytochemicals which may possibly help prevent heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Avocado is a fruit which are relatively high in calories, rich in monounsaturated fat, vitamin B and fiber. Banana is also relatively high in calories, and you can add it to your morning cereal or desert like ice cream and pudding. You could also have a healthy and high calorie snack from dried fruits. Snack like dark chocolate are good for you because it has anti-oxidants which is not found in other sweets.
ice cream

Sugary soda are relatively high in calories. But you should replace them with fruit juices which not just provide calories, but also nutrients, and hydration to your diet.

Weight gaining supplements on the market today could also help put extra pounds on you. Just ask your healthcare provider if one of them is an appropriate way for you to add additional calories, protein, and carbohydrates to your daily diet.

One study found that people tend to eat more when eating with close friends, and also tend to eat more when eating with people who eat more. Maybe this could help you to have fun in eating to get your way to a healthy, normal weight.

Source: How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Foods

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